BioSol Water Recycling:

A new concept for wastewater treatment and reuse, and bioenergy production.
Its main goal is the validation of an innovative, efficient and competitive system for wastewater treatment based on an ecological process called “Bio-Solar Purification” (BSP).

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The 5th Steering Committee Meeting of BioSolWaRe-LIFE project at CENTA with the participation of NEEMO coordinator

On April 2018, the 5th Steering Committee meeting of the BioSolWaRe-LIFE Project was held at CENTA facilities (Carrión de los Céspedes, Seville). For this occasion, we counted with the presence of Laura Nocentini, Regional Coordinator for LIFE ENV-NEEMO, who had the opportunity to review the technical and financial progress of this project. Representatives of all the BioSolWaRe-LIFE partners attended to this meeting. The meeting

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Interview Souha GAMRI-R&D manager at Helio Pur Technologies

5 Questions to ask a Biosol Water Recycling partner Souha GAMRI-R&D manager at Helio Pur Technologies “LIFE project is a valuable instrument to help dealing with water challenges and making business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU and beyond” Can you introduce yourself? During my studies (agricultural engineering then a post-master degree in water management and environmental sciences and policies), I

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