The project will address three ambitious goals which are:

  • An environmental goal: To enhance water reuse and improvement of wastewater treatment in order to fight water scarcity and water ecosystems degradation.
  • A regulatory goal: To promote a new solution for wastewater treatment which will permit smaller communities to meet the Frame Water Directive 2000/60/EC, the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive 91/271/EEC and other related regulations.
  • An economic goal: To show and promote a new wastewater treatment scheme including closed efficient technologies, to develop procedures and services for design and construction of plants based on this new scheme in order to facilitate their dissemination and distribution in various countries.

In practice, the BioSolWaRe-LIFE project aims to the validation of an innovative, efficient and competitive system for wastewater treatment based on an ecological process called “Bio-Solar Purification” (BSP). This system has been especially designed for small communities and isolated dwellings. It combines both biological processes (algae cultivation) and the solar technology to reuse up to 80% of the treated water, facilitating the recovery and later beneficial use of greenhouse gases and other organic wastes produced during the treatment.