BioSolWaRe-LIFE project is a 54 months program of which main actions are:

A – Preparatory actions:

They are addressed to the design of the demonstration plant and the selection of the pilot site. In the design phase, the BioSolWaRe consortium will participate in the choice of the best manner of coupling their innovative technologies, thus, improving their know-how on the technology.

B Implementation actions:

This phase includes the tendering process, the completion of the demonstration plant and the selection of suppliers for materials and needed equipment as well as the construction and start-up of the demonstration unit.

C – Monitoring of the impact of the project actions:

This phase includes the trials and performance improvement to validate the design choices and to test the qualitative and quantitative performances of purification and water recovery. Besides, monitoring of environmental performances such as energy consumption, carbon balance and water ecosystems preservation will be performed through a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

D – Communication and dissemination actions:

Dissemination activities and materials such as publications, website, networking with other LIFE and related on-going projects, training activities, conferences and exhibitions will be organized and performed to disseminate the main results of the project and reach the market.

E – Project management and monitoring of the project progress:

This phase involves a completion schedule, a periodic monitoring of the technical and budgetary progress of the project, and the definition of responsibilities for reporting to the EU Commission and updating the schedule. The project management incorporates tasks of risk analysis and quality management of the project.