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Biosol Final report

The Life-BIOSOL main data and results are now available in the Project  Final Report. It can be found under the “Results – Documents” Final Report Covering the project activities from 01/07/2014 to 21/06/2019


“PLAZO AMPLIADO HASTA 5/MAYO/2020”. Enmarcado dentro del proyecto LIFE18 ENV/ES/000233 LIFE INTEXT, co-financiado por la UE, el Departamento de Innovación y Tecnología de FCC Aqualia publica la siguiente licitación: Obra civil para plantas pilotos de las distintas tecnologías para depuración sostenible de pequeñas poblaciones del proyecto LIFE INTEXT. Más información

AQUALIA will present BioSol Water Recycling LIFE project in IWAlgae 2019

Next 1st and 2nd July 2019, the IWAlgae conference will be held in Valladolid, Spain. This event represents a joint conference, bringing together the 2nd IWA Conference on Algal Technologies for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery and the 12th IWA Specialist Group Conference in Wastewater Pond Technology. These two international conferences will allow scientists, algaeneers and practitioners to exchange the latest knowledge on the

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In this short review, we present the events and conferences where the BioSolWaRe LIFE project has been disseminated.   Presentation of LIFE BioSolWaRe project in “Networking at European Technology Approval Group (TAG)” in Leuven   AQUALIA has participated in the 12th Technology Approval Group (TAG), organized by Isle Utilities in Leuven (Belgium) in March 2018, in order to discuss with the world´s leading water

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Demo 2 plant reaches 2 months of continuous operation with successful results

LIFE BioSolWaRe progress in the Demo 2 plant in El Toyo WWTP (Almería) has reached two months of continuous operation since the experimental plant was started-up and officially inaugurated on the 26th of July 2018, when the Municipal Mayor of Almería and local authorities from the Council visited the plant. This event had a wide impact in local media providing a broad visibility to

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Interview to Raúl Cano (Project Manager, Aqualia)

Can you introduce yourself? I graduated as Chemical Engineering in 2009 and obtained my Master degree in Environmental Technology in 2011 in the University of Valladolid (Spain). I received my Doctoral degree in 2014 in the same institution and then I became part of the research team of the Department of Innovation and Technology from FCC aqualia. I have been working in different projects

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Demo 2 implementation works in El Toyo WWTP have been concluded and the production of a microalgae-based biofertilizer…

Demo 2 implementation works in El Toyo WWTP have been concluded and the production of a microalgae-based biofertilizer from urban wastewater starts in the frame of LIFE Biosolware project. Biofertilizer production from wastewater will be soon achieved in the frame of LIFE Biosolware project. Demo 2 plant has been constructed in El Toyo WWTP (Almería), a municipality where FCC aqualia is managing drinkable water

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The 5th Steering Committee Meeting of BioSolWaRe-LIFE project at CENTA with the participation of NEEMO coordinator

On April 2018, the 5th Steering Committee meeting of the BioSolWaRe-LIFE Project was held at CENTA facilities (Carrión de los Céspedes, Seville). For this occasion, we counted with the presence of Laura Nocentini, Regional Coordinator for LIFE ENV-NEEMO, who had the opportunity to review the technical and financial progress of this project. Representatives of all the BioSolWaRe-LIFE partners attended to this meeting. The meeting

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Interview Souha GAMRI-R&D manager at Helio Pur Technologies

5 Questions to ask a Biosol Water Recycling partner Souha GAMRI-R&D manager at Helio Pur Technologies “LIFE project is a valuable instrument to help dealing with water challenges and making business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU and beyond” Can you introduce yourself? During my studies (agricultural engineering then a post-master degree in water management and environmental sciences and policies), I

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BioSolWaRe project presented at H2020 Meeting

BioSolWaRe project presented at H2020 Meeting- PRIMA, Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in R + D + I on Food Security and Water Supply (Seville, Spain, November 2017) Last 17th November, 2017, the city of Seville (Spain) held the Presentation Meeting of the PRIMA INITIATIVE. The event brought together researchers, engineers, water practitioners from academia, industry, water utilities, public authorities and administration with the aim to present

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