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Facing water resources scarcity, Helio Pur Technologies offers new solutions based on a new and disruptive wastewater treatment technology called “Bio-Solar Purification” (BSP) allowing wastewater reuse or recycling. BSP technology enables the treatment and removal of a wide range of hazardous substances and microbial contaminants, combining sunlight effects with microalgae growth and oxygen production.

Without any evaporation or side sewage water losses, BSP technology, implemented in transparent tubular reactors, allows wastewater purification using CO2 as only reagent, that is injected as flue or fermentation gas. In addition of purified water, HelioPur® processes produce a photosynthetic biomass and gaseous oxygen, both recoverable for energetic valorization. HelioPur® facilities offer unique design to optimize water circulation, CO2 injection, sun exposure and treatment efficiency with a power consumption as low as 0.1 kWh/m3 treated water. Compact, modular and scalable, wastewater treatment and recycling solutions developed by Helio Pur Technologies give access to a competitive and high quality water resource in the range 10 to 10 000 m3 per day.

HelioPur® processes and facilities can, inter alia, apply to:

  1. treat and reuse or recycle domestic wastewaters especially in permanent or seasonal water stressed areas.
  2. treat and remove metallic and hazardous substances in waters coming from mining, milling,fracturing, lixiviation and remediation of soils, ores and tailings.
  3. treat and recycle waters used in hydroponic cultivations and fish farming.