In this short review, we present the events and conferences where the BioSolWaRe LIFE project has been disseminated.


Presentation of LIFE BioSolWaRe project in “Networking at European Technology Approval Group (TAG)” in Leuven


AQUALIA has participated in the 12th Technology Approval Group (TAG), organized by Isle Utilities in Leuven (Belgium) in March 2018, in order to discuss with the world´s leading water entities about water scarcity and droughts, cost-effective and efficient solutions to save fresh water for reuse and prevent GHG releases. Aqualia has attended several TAG meetings and online forums and discussions regarding water reuse, where the BioSolWaRe project and its potential implementation has been presented.

The participation in this forum has allowed Aqualia to promote the BioSolWaRe project in an international forum of experts and potential external investors. Moreover, the European TAG meetings has offered a fantastic alternative to improve the commercialization potential of the BioSolWaRe technologies, and accelerate the market uptake of these technologies.

TAGRaul Cano attending the TAG meetings, presenting the BioSolWaRe project


BioSolWaRe LIFE project in H2Orizon 2018


The first edition of the Innovation and Technology for the Water Sector Fair- H2Orizon- was held in Seville between 19 and 21 September 2018. H2Orizon 2018 was organized by the Regional Ministries of Agriculture and Environment of Andalucía (Spain) and focus on water innovation and technology. Companies, sector organizations, research groups, service providers and customers were invited to show their progress, innovations and technologies that will contribute decisively to better management of this valuable resource. This first edition counted with the special participation of Portugal, as main guest.

More than 300 people visited the fair and participated in the technical conferences organized in parallel to the exhibition. One of these technical sessions was addressed specifically to water treatment and reuse and counted with the participation of Mr. Frank Rogalla (Aqualia) who presented the different projects Aqualia is running in this field, among other, the BioSolWaRe LIFE project.

H2Orizon1Mr. Frank Rogalla (Aqualia) in H2Orizon 18.

Besides, flyers of the BioSolWaRe Project were available in the stand of the Regional Ministry of the Environment of Andalucía, where CENTA exposed the different innovation actions in which is involved.


Stand of the Regional Ministry of the Environment of Andalucia

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Participation in FERTINNOWA congress where Aqualia presented in Almería BioSolWaRe project as a competitive solution for irrigation and fertigation reusing wastewater


Event organizeFertinnowa1d in the frame of the H2020 project Transfer of INNOvative techniques for sustainable WAter use in FERtigated crops (Fertinnowa) in Almeria during the days 3, 4 and 5 October 2018. This conference provides the European horticulture sector an opportunity to learn, exchange experiences and identify growers’ needs for optimal irrigation and fertigation management. More than 250 participants from all over Europe have assisted to the congress.

Aqualia has exhibited and presented in an oral session different technologies focused on producing reusable water for irrigation and biofertilizer from wastewater; such is the case of LIFE BioSolWaRe Demo 2 plant located in el Toyo WWTP (Almería). Local and international stakeholders have been identified to find potential investors for the BioSolWaRe technologies.


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Fertinnowa2Raul Cano presenting BioSolWaRe Demo 2 results in Fertinnowa congress

Fertinnowa3Stand from Aqualia in Fertinnowa congress with a Biosolware project panel, among others