BioSolWaRe 1st Steering Committee Meeting and technical visit

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The last 12th – 13th February 2015, were celebrated the 1st Steering Committee Meeting of BioSolWaRe- Life Project in Seville and the technical visit to the WWTP of El Torno, Chiclana, Cádiz.

The aim of the 1st Steering Committee, celebrated on 12th February in CENTA facilities, (Seville), Spain,has been to evaluate the progressive technical solution and the start-up of the first implementation actions and to prepare the first progress report, including other questions related to Life Cycle Assessment and Communication activities and next steps planning.

During the meeting, was carried out a guided visit to the experimental plots for microalgae and water reuse essays for 1st Demo site in CENTA.

On 13th February, was carried out a guided visit to the facilities related to the wastewater treatment process with microalgae that FCC AQUALIA has developed in the WWTP El Torno, Chiclana de la Frontera (Cadiz), Spain.

The BioSolWaRe participants checked the degree of progress of the project ALL GAS. They saw in operation both UASB for energy recovery of organic matter and algae growth raceways. The two main units correspond to two 500 m2 raceways. They also visited the corresponding facilities for microalgae energy recovery where, in detail, were shown advanced flotation unit, microalgae digesters, biomass boiler, etc.

Fot 2Presentation and discussion of scheduled material during the Steering Committee meeting

Foto 3Guided technical visit to the experimental plots for water irrigation in CENTA

Foto 4Guided visit to the WWTP El Torno, Chiclana de la Frontera (Cadiz), Spain.