BioSolWaRe project latest results presented at S2Small Conference (Nantes, France, October 2017)


From the 22nd to the 26th October, the city of Nantes (France) held the International Water Association (IWA) conference on sustainable solutions for small water and wastewater treatment systems (S2Small2017). This joint conference brought together the 14th IWA Specialized Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems (SWWS) ,the 6th IWA Specialized Conference on Resources-Oriented Sanitation (ROS) and the 3rd International Conference Terra Preta Sanitation & Decentralized Wastewater System.  Small2017 was co-organized by IMT Atlantique, GEPEA, IWA and ASTEE.

With more than 200 attendees, the conference brought together researchers, engineers, water practitioners from academia, industry, water utilities, public authorities and administration to exchange know how and experiences on water supply and treatment in small populations. The scope of the conference was to demonstrate that small water and wastewater systems represent part of the solution for the future of humanity, from theoretical concepts up to very applied cases study.  This is the core concept of BioSolWaRe-LIFE project!

Mr Carlos Aragon Cruz (Project manager-CENTA) has attended this conference and presented through the poster entitled “BioSol Water Recycling Project: an innovative microalgae-based wastewater treatment and reuse system” the latest results obtained which focuses on the performance of the BioSolar Purification system (BSP). This system was developed by HELIO PUR TECHNOLOGIES in collaboration with COLDEP and implemented in CENTA (Seville) in frame of BioSolWaRe-LIFE project..

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