BioSolWaRe project presented at H2020 Meeting


BioSolWaRe project presented at H2020 Meeting- PRIMA, Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in R + D + I on Food Security and Water Supply (Seville, Spain, November 2017)

Last 17th November, 2017, the city of Seville (Spain) held the Presentation Meeting of the PRIMA INITIATIVE. The event brought together researchers, engineers, water practitioners from academia, industry, water utilities, public authorities and administration with the aim to present the PRIMA Initiative and well as the options offered in the frame of sustainable water and agriculture management in the Mediterranean area
In recent years, the agricultural sector in the Mediterranean has been suffering from severe water shortages and decreasing crop yields. Today, 180 million people in the Mediterranean basin are considered ‘water poor’. The lack of clean water and nutritious food has adverse effects on the health and stability of the populations.

prima2A new Partnership on Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA) will develop much-needed solutions for a more sustainable management of water and agro-food systems. The main objective of the ten-year initiative (2018 – 2028), which is partly funded by EU’s research and innovation Programme Horizon 2020, is to devise new R&I approaches to improve water availability and sustainable agriculture production in a region heavily distressed by climate change, urbanisation and population growth.

Dr. Juan Ramón Pidre (Manager of CENTA) was invited to attend the meeting and presented the different activities and projects where CENTA is involved in the frame of water reuse in agriculture. The project Biosolware LIFE project was presented as an example for the optimization of wastewater treatment and reuse solutions and as a valuable instrument to help dealing with water challenges and making business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in the EU and beyond.


Presentation of BioSol Water Recycling LIFE project in the PRIMA meeting

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