The 5th Steering Committee Meeting of BioSolWaRe-LIFE project at CENTA with the participation of NEEMO coordinator


20180425_124413On April 2018, the 5th Steering Committee meeting of the BioSolWaRe-LIFE Project was held at CENTA facilities (Carrión de los Céspedes, Seville). For this occasion, we counted with the presence of Laura Nocentini, Regional Coordinator for LIFE ENV-NEEMO, who had the opportunity to review the technical and financial progress of this project. Representatives of all the BioSolWaRe-LIFE partners attended to this meeting.

The meeting focused on the new strategy which is going to be validated at CENTA and ALMERIA facilities. Besides, Ms. Souha GAMRI (Project manager-HELIO PUR TECHNOLOGIES) depicted the progress on the BSP-VAL automation  system (designed by Helio Pur Technologies and Coldep), implemented in CENTA. New results are expected on summer 2018. The tubular reactor will be addressed to wastewater disinfection, thus, guaranteeing safe later reuse.

Mr. Enrique Lara (representative of FCC AQUALIA), presented the latest results obtained in the open raceway units located in Grado (Asturias) and CENTA (Seville). Those tests have been carried out to study the effect of climate conditions on algae growth and the potential of algae treatment systems in both warm and cold climates. In addition, the progress on the implementation of demo 2 in Almería (WWTP El Toyo) was presented. Demo 2 combines an open raceway with a process designed to transform biomass into fertilizer. Works are about to finish and the start-up will start in the next weeks.


Later, Mr. Carlos ARAGON CRUZ (Project manager-CENTA) has presented the updates related to the Communication Plan, including all the events where the results of BioSolWaRe-LIFE project have been disseminated. Some short news, future results are expected be published in the upcoming months.

At the end of the meeting, Laura Nocentini (NEEMO) highlighted some key points to consider in the preparation of the final report and concluded with the revision of the financial management of BioSolWaRe LIFE project which will be extended for 6 or 9 additional months.